H&M Loooptopia: Join the fashion fun on Roblox


Welcome to the world of H&M Loooptopia! Get creative and express yourself with your friends in this fashion-inspired Roblox experience from H&M. Run (or scoot) around Loooptopia City, Rainbooow Fields, Neon Studiooo and Fabric Fooorest collecting the raw elements that you combine together to create thousands of unique clothing items to wear in the game!

Style your Avatar with your newly created clothes, and compliment these with accessories, dance moves, music tracks and special effects to create an amazing performance on the catwalk! Catch up with friends to trade clothes, take selfies or just admire each other’s latest creations. If you want to change up your style, recycle old clothes to earn super-rare elements and become the star of the catwalk show.

  • Collect the elements – designs, colors and textures – located throughout the different game maps.

  • Jump on scooters to zoom around the worlds, or use jump pads, ziplines and obstacles to reach hard-to-find items.

  • Combine the elements you have collected in the Looop Machine to create a wardrobe full of stylish clothes.

  • When you fancy a change, recycle old clothes to earn super-rare elements or trade with friends to create more new outfits.

  • Explore four unique spaces – each with their own special elements to collect and discover.

  • And don’t forget to take those all-important selfies to celebrate your unique style.