H&M Loooptopia: Join the fashion fun on Roblox


Happy New Year from H&M Loooptopia! We've got some special guests paying us a visit over the next couple of weeks - Squishmallows™!! The Squishmallows™ have come for a holiday in Looop City and they've got themselves lost! Can you find them to win some great prizes... 

We've got an amazing Limited UGC prize - a Rodry the Bearded Dragon Shoulder Pet - for the first 10,000 players to find the hidden Squishmallows™ around Looop City (After the 10k UGC items have gone, players will earn the Shoulder Pet as an in-game item only). 

Within H&M Loooptopia, you can style your Avatar with your newly created clothes, and compliment these with accessories, dance moves, music tracks and special effects to create an amazing performance on the catwalk! Catch up with friends to trade clothes, take selfies or just admire each other’s latest creations. If you want to change up your style, recycle old clothes to earn super-rare elements and become the star of the catwalk show.