Buy From a Black Woman × H&M

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, H&M USA is launching a year-long partnership with Buy From a Black Woman to advance their mission of empowering, educating and inspiring Black Women Business Owners and the people who support them. 

Buy From a Black Woman is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 by Nikki Porcher that connects over 500 Black Women owned businesses across the United States and provides a community of support with the goal of helping their businesses flourish.  Buy From a Black Woman ensures that Black Women have the tools and resources that will allow them to be successful, such as business education programs, exposure through its curated online directory, and opportunities for networking and financial resources. While Black Women have been starting businesses at an increasing rate, annual sales for Black Women Business Owners are five times smaller than all Women-owned businesses due to lack of support and awareness. However, Buy From a Black Woman continues to grow as a trusted resource.  H&M USA is committed to using its platform to support economic participation and growth, because when Black Women and their businesses flourish, communities thrive.

“It takes more than just saying ‘support Black Women Business Owners’ to support Black Women Business Owners. H&M USA is a true example of what it looks when a company uses its resources to pour into a community. I am excited to partner with H&M USA and travel the country to bring light to all the Black Women Business Owners who feel unseen. With this partnership I’ll be able to make the room larger for more Black Women to move in,” said Nikki Porcher, Founder of Buy From a Black Woman.

Throughout 2021, H&M USA will support Buy From a Black Woman through a variety of sponsorships and activities.  To start, H&M USA introduced Buy From a Black Woman to its 16 million Members during its annual Member Days activation with a portion of the sales being donated to the non-profit.  Beginning in summer, H&M USA will sponsor their Black Women Inspire Tour, leveraging H&M USA’s channels to highlight their Black Women businesses across the country.  Moving into fall, H&M USA will continue its focus on sustainability in business by sponsoring the non-profit’s Black Woman Business Accelerator Program. This 10-week business training course features a structured online curriculum led by experts to assist Black Women Business Owners in the different ways they can grow, while providing an opportunity for funding access.  Internally, H&M USA will both sponsor eligible colleagues who wish to join the Buy From a Black Woman online directory and network and spotlight the non-profit’s various businesses to its employees throughout the year.

“Over 70% of leaders at H&M are women, including our global CEO,” said Carlos Duarte, President of H&M Region Americas.  “We’ve experienced the benefits firsthand of empowering women, especially Black Women, and through this partnership we are humbled to be part of these founders’ journeys.”


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